What the Stink? 10 Easy Ways to Control Kitchen Odors

Do you know those kitchen odors that instantly have you holding your nose and breath? They can include raw food and cooking smell given off by vegetables such as onions, cabbage, and broccoli or food waste such as raw fish, rotten chicken, and days-old takeout–the culprits are practically endless.

date_range #Kitchen organization, Sep 9 2022
What is the Best Free Standing Trash Can for My Kitchen?

Even for those who love to shop and organize their homes, choosing the right products for the kitchen can be overwhelming and confusing. The simplest item, such as a trash can, can have you faced with numerous brands and types from which to choose. So where do we start when it comes to finding the best free standing trash can for your kitchen? Let's take a look at the top 5 characteristics of a trash can and how to determine the ideal one.

date_range #Kitchen organization, Jun 29 2022
Top Tips for Under-Sink Kitchen-Cabinet Organization

With storage space limited, you're forced to store cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items in and around the bottom of the sink and plumbing. As resourceful as you are, it's time to get creative with your under-the-sink kitchen-cabinet organization.

date_range #Kitchen organization, May 18 2022

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