What is the Best Free Standing Trash Can for My Kitchen?

Even for those who love to shop and organize their homes, choosing the right products for the kitchen can be overwhelming and confusing. The simplest item, such as a trash can, can have you faced with numerous brands and types from which to choose.

So where do we start when it comes to finding the best free standing trash can for your kitchen? Let's take a look at the top 5 characteristics of a trash can and how to determine the ideal one.

Where will you place your trash can?

For those with larger kitchens, a higher volume trash can is best to control the garbage of a larger household. For ease-of-use when prepping and cooking food it is best to position your freestanding trash can near your vegetable sink, wash sink, and/or kitchen island.

For mid-size kitchens, the above applies, however, you may have a smaller household where less waste is produced and a lower volume trash can will suffice. Placing your trash can near where the cooking action is happening will cut down on messy mishaps between cutting board to trash can.

Small and efficient kitchens will require tucking your trash cans under a sink or within a pantry so as not to take up needed floor space. These cans can easily be brought out when prepping meals for easy disposal of trash.

What size free standing trash can do I need?

What might seem like an overly large trash can by volume might not seem so once you realize you've filled it up in a single day! On the other hand choosing a too small trash can will have you "taking out the trash" multiple times a day.

According to epa.gov, the average person in the U.S. produces 4.4 pounds of trash per person per day, plus around 1.51 pounds recycled per person per day.

Choosing the correct size free standing trash can may be done by considering several factors below.

  • Size of household – how many people are in your household? Pets? Each member will contribute to the volume of trash produced. So the larger the household, the bigger volume, such as a 25 quart to 37 quart will be ideal.
  • Size of kitchen – how much space do you have? If your kitchen has room for a mid-size freestanding trash can unit only, a standard size 12 to 16 gallon will work. We suggest the popular 13 gallon size as you’ll find most name brand kitchen trash bags come in this size.
  • Location of trash can – for those storing their trash cans in the pantry or under the counter will have to go with a smaller volume can such as a 10 or 11 quart free standing trash can. Unfortunately,  you'll just have to make due and make more runs to the outdoor cans.

What shape of kitchen trash can should I choose?

The most common shapes of trash cans are rectangular, round, and oval. While round and oval shape trash cans might appear more elegant they are as hardworking as the rectangular ones.

They work nicely to fit in tighter or odd spaces such as under the sink. The rectangular free standing trash can makes a great choice for large to mid-size kitchens where space is ample.

What material is best for my kitchen trash can?

The two most common materials used to make trash cans are plastic, composite plastic, and stainless steel.

Plastic comes in many thicknesses and qualities. Higher thickness and higher quality plastic brings with it a higher price tag, but proves worth it over time as these trash cans are very durable.

Composite Plastics, such as the 100% recyclable polymers (PP)  used to make Elletipi's free standing trash cans, are heavy duty, durable, and long lasting while protecting the planet.

Stainless steel can be a terrific choice for those who have stainless appliances in their kitchen. However, not all stainless steel products are created the same. Some are very thin and can bend and dent easily while heavier ones are ideal for a high-traffic kitchen.

Best types of free standing trash cans

While there are many types of trash cans on the market. We suggest trying the following types for best aesthetics, functionality, and convenience.

Cover boxes, like those by Elletipi, are stackable, modular, next-generation trash cans made to optimize space inside a kitchen unit. Bonus feature—a removable filtered lid keeps odors under control.

Bag boxes with a fitted handle are economical, simple trash cans that allow for ease of trash bag removal.

Take a Stand Against Waste & Odor in the Kitchen!

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