Technology and Innovation for the Kitchen

Elletipi is a dynamic, modern company, defined by an international reach and skilled technological innovation. Over the decades, we have organized kitchens by continuously improving and perfecting our production processes, materials and cutting-edge product line.

Founded in 1954 as a plastic molding company, we have always paid close attention to market changes and new design trends. Over the years, we shifted to specializing in the production of components for the kitchen, including: utensil organizers for kitchen drawers; built-in or freestanding organizers for under-sink kitchen drawers; recycling bins; and dish racks.

Today, we are a market leader that distinguishes itself via our non-stop research and development of original technical solutions and innovative designs, which is carried out by our in-house product-development team of skilled, specialized technicians.

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Expertise that Makes a Difference

We are proud of our long heritage. We have been in business for almost 70 years — a lifespan for a single man, an enviable milestone for a company. We continue to expand without ever slackening the pace. We boast eleven highly efficient production lines; a variety of 65–1,110 ton molding presses; six automated assembly lines; an cutting-edge, lean approach to management; and a non-stop commitment to research and development.

Practical, minimalist, functional and elegant: our space-saving kitchen solutions make a difference by creating a pleasant user experience.

Enthusiastic and motivated by change

The entire Elletipi staff is driven by enthusiasm, motivation and an enterprising team spirit.  Our dynamic, highly skilled experts take on new challenges, transforming objectives into successful results.

Thanks to an efficient, reliable workforce, we meet market demands with an extremely competitive approach.

Our partners appreciate our daily commitment to innovate production and update products, along with our excellent customer service and the speed with which we respond to client demands. Elletipi’s attitude to change and evolution makes it a safe, trustworthy partner — always!

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