Top Tips for Under-Sink Kitchen-Cabinet Organization

Admit it; we've all been there, done that. You're trying to clean but where are all your cleaning supplies? Your body is contorted and your head is stuck in that musty, stinky, and cramped space under the kitchen sink.

With storage space limited, you're forced to store cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items in and around the bottom of the sink and plumbing. As resourceful as you are, it's time to get creative with your under-the-sink kitchen-cabinet organization.

You'll be surprised by how many items you can fit under the sink once you've maximized the space with these clever tips and tricks, so keep reading.

Let's start by answering a few FAQs our fellow humans have googled when pondering how to optimize those less than optimal kitchen storage spaces.

How do you store things under the sink?

Some people prefer the carefree approach—throw items in the cabinet haphazard so you have to cabinet dive to sort through the mess to find the cleaner or brush you need. Or, you can plan and put a little effort into under sink organization now to have all your cleaning and household supplies ready to go when you need them. We explore this very practical approach below.

How do I organize under my kitchen sink?

The first step to organizing is decluttering and because we are talking the underworld of kitchen cabinets you'll have to endure the unpleasantness yet again while taking all items out of the space. It's best to get a plastic bin or box to place all your items in. Set those aside, you'll come back to them later.

Next, you'll want to grab your plastic gloves, sponge or bristle brush, and your favorite cleaner. Clean all surfaces (walls, base, pipes and underside of sink) this will give the cabinet an instant fresh look and smell.

If you don't have drawer liner on hand, you'll need to run to the dollar store for a couple of rolls to cover the cabinet base. If the interior walls of your cabinet are a hot mess after cleaning; you'll want to cover the other 3 walls of the under-sink kitchen-cabinet with drawer liner.

Now it's time to go through the items you pulled out and decide what you use daily, frequently, infrequently (think silver cleaner or wood furniture oil/wax), and never-ever.

Trash the nevers first but be mindful to dispose of any chemicals and batteries safely.

How do you maximize under sink storage?

With your priorities straight, you're ready to maximize your under-sink space. Start with researching containers, dividers, plastic bins, roll-out kitchen cubbies, and under-sink kitchen-drawer organizers like those in our Elletipi kitchen storage collection we discuss in the close below.

Today, more than ever before consumers have practically endless options when it comes to organizational products for the home. With all those options comes differing qualities from poor to excellent. For long-lasting and durable products, shoot for the excellent category, such as those Made In Italy like our Elletipi under-sink organizers.

Design Tip

Our must-have kitchen organization accessory is a built-in shelf for kitchen bases. These hardworking products allow you to layer your under cabinet organizers and items so you maximize every inch under that kitchen sink.

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