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Freestanding Trash Cans

A simple waste bucket or a 100% "Made in Italy" Elletipi well-designed free standing trash can? Definitely, an Elletipi–with its elite combination of form, function, and aesthetics.

This kitchen waste management system comes in a wide array of sizes and volumes — from compact models to extra-large styles. Our Italian-made trash cans make the best choice for their versatility and durability. So many ways Elletipi helps you keep waste and recycling under control!

Manage kitchen odors by enclosing your freestanding trash can with an optional filtered lid, and keep your recycling organized with our line of color-coded resin stickers. Elletipi–so many options to keep daily trash under wraps. Find out how to determine the best trash can for you with our a "What is the Best Free Standing Trash Can for My Kitchen?"

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